Powercolor Reinvents the Cooling Fan Using Double Blade Technology

Paul Lilly

Better airflow, less dust

Arguably the least sexy part of any PC build or component is the cooling fan. Sure, some are flashier than others with colorful and/or specially curved blades, LEDs, and variable speeds, but it's not something most people get excited about. Powercolor may change that by introducing its patented thermal solution called "Double Blades." Using Double Blade technology, Powercolor promises increased cooling performance and less wear and tear on the fan due to dust.

Just as it sounds, Double Blade technology involves adding a second, smaller fan blade to each larger one. The purpose is to centralize airflow and ultimately improve thermal performance.

"This exclusive design adds an extra fan blade attached to the original one; the extra fan can absorb airflow into the center and increase airflow up to 20 percent compared to the traditional thermal design," Powercolor says .

In addition, Powercolor says its Double Blade design can prevent dust from depositing at the bearings and settling at the bottom of the fan, prolonging the life of both the fan and the videocard, assuming these end up on GPU coolers.

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