PowerColor Pushes Out Entry Level Radeon Card

Paul Lilly

PowerColor might as well have said that its new PCS+ HD5550 is made from bits of moon rock and unobtanium. Instead, the graphics card maker claims its latest videocard is the "most affordable GDDR5 graphics solution," which also isn't true. It took us all of three seconds to find a videocard on Newegg with GDDR5 memory selling for just $50, and wouldn't you know it, it's also made by PowerColor.

More accurately, the PCS+ HD5550 is the only HD 5550 videocard with GDDR5 memory, at least on Newegg. All the other models come with either GDDR2 or GDDR3 chips. PowerColor's version is also factory overclocked past reference specs, with the core and memory clockspeeds at 650Mhz and 900MHz, respectively.

"This is the very first time we are bringing the PCS+ series to the value segment," said Ted Chen, CEO of TUL Corporation. "With superior overclocking ability and advanced GDDR5 onboard memory, the PCS+ HD5550 creates out-of-the-box gaming performance. This will bring this value segment solution a new level."

The PCS+ HD5550 is supposedly available now, though we haven't been able to spot one for sale online in the U.S. And while there was no word on price, PowerColor's GDDR3 version streets for about $70.

Image Credit: PowerColor

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