Powercolor Launches First Liquid Cooled Radeon R9 290X Graphics Card

Paul Lilly

Nope, you can't find this one in stock either

Less than a week after teasing a shot of a liquid cooled AMD Radeon R9 290X graphics card on its Facebook page, Powercolor has gone and introduced a retail version to market. The Powercolor LCS R9 290X uses an EK water block, the same as identified in the Facebook photo, and comes factory overclocked to 1060MHz for the core, up 60MHz over AMD's reference blueprint.

It also boasts 4GB of GDDR5 memory that's been goosed 100MHz over reference to 1,350MHz on a 512-bit wide bus. Using liquid cooling will certainly help the card run stable with these modest overclocks, though as an extra layer of protection, Powercolor says the part is armed with a "Gold Power Kit" design, meaning it uses a digital PWM, ferrite conducting power (FCP), and multi-phase design to enhance power efficiency.

The full-cover water block cools the GPU, memory, and other parts of the card. Its base is made from nickel plated copper allowing for temperatures under 60C, even under full load, Powercolor claims . Liquid rushes through high-flow 3/8-inch and 1/2-inch fittings with captured o-rings to prevent leakage.

No word on how much this card will cost or when it will be available, though with the Litecoin community stockpiling Radeon R9 Series graphics cards, it might be awhile before you see one of these for the taking.

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