Powercolor Launches a Low Profile Radeon HD 7750 Video Card

Paul Lilly

Small but capable of driving up to four displays.

TUL Corporation's Powercolor division today announced what it claims is the first low profile Radeon HD 7750 graphics card capable of driving up to four displays via AMD's Eyefinity technology. Dubbed HD7750 Eyefinity 4 LP Edition , this low profile part can fit into slim cases and features four mini DisplayPort outputs to run 4x1 Landscape Display Group, 2x2 Landscape Display Group, and 3x1 Display Group Plus 1 Extended configurations.

The card is equipped with 2GB of GDDR5 memory clocked at 1,125MHz on a 128-bit bus. It has a core clockspeed of 800MHz and supports CrossFireX setups, PowerColor says. Outside of gaming applications, PowerColor envisions customers using this card for financial services, on wall-mounted television displays, transportation, monitoring, professional design, digital signage, and other professional use scenarios.

If you're interested in this particular model, note that the four DisplayPort outputs are the only ones it has. You won't find any DVI or HDMI ports.

Powercolor didn't say how much the card will cost or when it will be available to purchase.

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