Powercolor Introduces Passively Cooled R9 270 Graphics Card with Nary a Peep

Paul Lilly

A potential candidate for a home brewed Steam Machine

It appears Powercolor is getting ready to launch a passively cooled version of AMD's Radeon R9 270 graphics card . Powercolor has yet to formally introduce what it's calling the R9 270 SCS3 edition, but if you look around the web, you'll discover some overseas retailers listing the SKU, including one that managed to get its hands on a press photo of the upcoming card.

Credit goes to Fudzilla for bringing this to our attention. The news and rumor site said it stumbled upon the listing at Alternate.de , where it's being sold for 180 euros (around $243 in U.S. currency). Overclockers.uk also has the silent part listed for sale (bonus points for posting a pic of the card) and describes it as the first fanless R9 series graphics card.

The silent card sports what looks like a giant aluminum heatsink with a series of heat pipes running through it. Powercolor has the core clockspeed set at 900MHz, along with 2GB of GDDR5 memory clocked at 5,600MHz (effective) on a 256-bit bus. There are two 6-pin power connectors and outputs consisting of DVI (x1), DisplayPort (x1), and HDMI (x1).

It remains to be seen when/if this card will make it to the U.S., but assuming it does, it would be a decent candidate for a dual-booting Steam Machine that pulls double duty as a home theater PC.

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