Powercolor Dual-GPU HD 6870 Spotted, Undressed and Sexy

Paul Lilly

Popping up over the weekend is a somewhat blurry photo (cleaned up as best we could) of a completely naked dual-GPU prototype of AMD's Radeon HD 6870. The full frontal snapshot shows two Barts GPUs positioned in the middle of a long slab of PCB. Each GPU boasts 1,120 stream processors for a total of 2.240, and each with its own 1GB of GDDR5 memory, also visible in the picture.

According to Semiaccurate.com , which posted the pic, the concept card that has yet to receive a name belongs to Powercolor. You can see that it has a pair of 8-pin PCI-Express power connectors, which means you'll need a sturdy power supply. The dual power connectors also bode well for would-be overclockers.

And that's it for the details. Powercolor doesn't seem willing to divulge any more information ahead of Computex, so until then, take a peek and wipe your chin.

Image Credit: semiaccurate.com

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