Power Up with Windows Home Server Power Pack 2


Windows Home Server's latest update, Power Pack 2, is now available via Windows Update, the TechNet Windows Home Server Team Blog reports . WHS users must have Power Pack 1 installed before they can receive Power Pack 2. If you missed Power Pack 1, get it here .

Power Pack 2 fixes a number of irritating bugs left over from Power Pack 1 and the original release, and adds new features. MS MVP Philip Churchill's MS Windows Home Server blog has an excellent rundown (with screen shots) of what's new in Power Pack 2. Here are the highlights:

  • You can now view WHS shared media folders via either Vista or Windows 7 Media Center or a Media Center Extender (such as an xBox 360)
  • Media Center Extenders no longer need to use the Guest account.
  • WHS now supports MP4 audio and video files, including metadata.
  • Remote access is simpler and now includes a configuration and repair wizard.
  • WHS backups and restores are now more reliable.
  • Notification messages use fewer processor resources.
  • Vista file copies to a WHS shared folder are no longer limited to the free space on the WHS primary drive, but can be as large as all of the drives connected to WHS.
  • WHS now features a Recorded TV gallery so you can watch your TV recordings with Windows Media Center.

Before you install WHS PowerPack 2, be sure to grab the release documentation (WHS_ReleaseDocs_PP2.doc). This file, as well as documentation for the original and Power Pack 1 releases, are available here . In addition to a new features list, the documentation includes information on a registry fix needed for using the Windows Media Center Connector software with the 64-bit version of Windows 7 beta and what to do if the upgrade doesn't install automatically.

Have you tried Power Pack 2? Hit Comment and tell us what you liked best or what still needs work.

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