Post CES 2014: Silverstone Shows Off a Bunch of Cases [Video]



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Insula Gilliganis

Great job on all the videos Gordon!! You were insightful, informative and humorous.. all without using cuss words!! Why can't you be this way on the podcasts??

All these cases look nice but in particular the DS380 was of interest, especially the included new style SATA cables. Hope this style becomes available for purchase without the case.



I think this explains it.


Also, I mispoke. The SATA cables do not come with it, they were in the demo build. The cables are actually on sale already. Be advised, they are shorter but they solve a lot of problems with tight builds.


The Mac

Why in the name of hell would you want him to stop swearing on the pod cast?

id stop listening. If i want dry ass news reporting with no real personality id go to engaget.



If your idea of "real personality" is somebody who uses swear words to make their point then you have a problem.


The Mac

not to make their point, but as colorful language.

Clinicly scrubbed language is artificial, people dont talk that way in real life.

I subscribe to the mag, and listen to the pod casts specificlly because they communicate like people do in real life.

Gordon's forward from this months mag with the anecdotes about FPS gaming is a good example. THATs entertaining.