Poor Yields Push Fermi Successor to Q1 2012

Paul Lilly

Remember all the hoopla leading up to Nvidia's Fermi launch? We were teased with leaked photos, benchmarks, and several delays due to reported defects. Nvidia eventually ironed out whatever bugs it needed to in order to get Fermi to market in the form of a GTX 480, a fast videocard with a group of stream processors disabled. It also ran hot and a little bit loud, ultimately leading us to declare the the GTX 580 "the real Fermi" (see our review here ). We're expecting a much smoother rollout to Fermi's successor, though it appears delays are still part of the game.

According to news and rumor site Fudzilla , Nvidia's 28nm Kepler part and successor to Fermi likely won't launch until the first quarter of 2012. Fudzilla's sources say there's still a chance Kepler could arrive by the end of this year, but given the current maturity of the 28nm process, a Q1 2012 launch is much more likely.

Nvidia isn't the only one affected by poor yields. AMD faces the same dilemma, though according to Fudzilla, the chip maker is still on schedule to launch 28nm GPUs in 2011, they just won't be available in mass quantities.

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