Poll: Facebook Users Dislike 'Timeline' Profile Format

Paul Lilly

Like it or not, Facebook is getting ready to roll out its mandatory Timeline profile feature en masse. Judging by a recent poll, the majority of users would mash the Dislike button on the new profile format, if only one existed. To be fair, Facebook users have a history of grumbling about every change made to the what remains the world's most popular social network.

Facebook's Timeline feature is a scrapbook-like overhaul of user profiles. It lists past status updates and photos, and is intended to help you highlight the things you want to share. It will also make it easier for employers -- both current and potential -- to dig through your past, depending on your privacy settings.

Mark Zuckerberg and Co. are totally stoked about the roll out. Users? Not so much. Security firm Sophos asked more than 4,000 Facebook users what they thought of the new Timeline feature and received an "overwhelmingly negative" response. Only 7.96 percent said they liked the new feature, and another 8.39 percent begrudgingly accepted they'll get used to it, just like every other Facebook change.

Over half -- 51.29 percent -- said the new feature worries them, and nearly a third said they don't know why they're still on Facebook.

Sophos is fully aware that its poll isn't scientific and likely attracted the kind of people who might be more conscious of privacy and security related issues than the average Joe, but still believes there are "genuine reasons to pause before embracing the Facebook Timeline as an entirely positive thing," a viewpoint that's echoed in several Twitter comments.

What are your thoughts on the new Timeline feature?

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