Polaroid Brings Back Instant Photography with Rebranded Camera


The new Polaroid bears little resemblance to the clunky Polaroid cameras of days gone by, but it does look strikingly similar to a more modern model, the Fujifilm Instax Mini 7 . It's not hard to figure out that there's a bit of rebranding shenanigans going on, but nevertheless, Polaroid is touting its newest camera as the beginning of the "Polaroid Movement."

"We are thrilled that today marks the return of instant. It's bigger -- and better -- than ever. The Polaroid Movement is one of that we heartfully embrace and intend to build upon by reaching the creative community and global Polaroid fans alike," said Giovanni Tomasell , Managing Director of the Summit Global Group, the exclusive worldwide licensee for Polaroid branded imaging products.

The "Movement" doesn't come cheap, however. Polaroid has priced the 300 at $90 for the camera itself, and ten-packs of instant film run $10 each.

Image Credit: Polaroid

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