Polaroid Brings Back Instant Film, DeLorean Nowhere in Sight


It was beginning to look like you kids raised on your fancy digital cameras with touchscreen LCD displays would never know what it's like to snap a pic and have a hard copy in your hand seconds later. If that sounds at all exciting, then set aside your Nikon CoolPix and get ready for Polaroid's PIC 1000 , a rejuvenated version of the now archaic OneStep camera.

Made possible through a "strategic relationship with Summit Global Group, a longtime Polaroid partner, and The Impossible Project, the manufacturer of classic film for Polaroid film cameras," the PIC 1000 will come in a range of "fun colors" ( including a 70s wooden throwback ) and use that familiar Polaroid Color 600 Instant Film. Yes, the same film that also works in your retired classic Polaroid.

No word yet on price, but look for the comeback-cam at national retailers sometime this year.

For those of you not digging the photo flashback, Polaroid also announced its newest ZINK-enabled shooter, the Instant Digital Camera. This one sports a 12MP sensor and 3x4-inch prints.

Image Credit: Gizmodo

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