PNY Responds to Optima SSD Controller Controversy



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PNY is one of the worst companies on the market today. Subpar products followed by an almost non-existent customer service = useless factory warranty coverage. Now, to make things even worse, they are becoming if that should be a surprise...NOT! I will NEVER buy a PNY product ever again. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!



I have been warned.



PNY knew exactly what they were doing when sending out review units with superior controllers. Customers have posted lower benchmarks with their retail controllers.

I'll never buy a PNY drive because of this deliberate bait-and-switch.



This doesn't bug me - the drive was never advertised with a specific controller, and in fact I found where I'd posted on another forum back in April that the Newegg listing for the drives advertises that a couple of different controllers are used and I noted at the time that the product page on PNY's website only talks about performance and does not list a controller. For that I can't get upset.

Kingston - what they did moving from synchronous to asynchronous NAND and killing performance - that irks the living daylights out of me. I've quit on all their products for now, my own little (probably meaningless) boycott.



Not meaningless at all. This year I upgraded my entire PC and I went with G-Skill Sniper Ram instead of Kingston. For years I have used Kingston Value Ram and you know what, I'm glad I switched, albeit prior to this bait and switch coming to light, I'll now Boycott their company as well, that makes two of us!



I would be significantly less upset about this if:
1) the reviewers received a note clarifying this issue along with sample products
2) reviewers received products with different chips
and 3) consumers had reported receiving products with different chips.



I agree with the 2nd thing in your list. Multiple "configurations" should mean a review of all the possible configurations so that we know what really works and doesn't work.



How about a comparative review between the two different controllers being used? IF there is a difference in performance, then we can say there's controversy.



Maybe the blame should go to reviewers instead of manufacturers. I believe that Consumer Reports buys their own test samples, and for good reason. Perhaps we should expect the same from tech journos. Of course, as long as said journos are funded by advertising from those whom they would claim to appraise there must always be a deserved degree of skepticism.



The difference being that Consumer Reports and Consumers Union is also being funded both by grants and larger subscription prices to pay for that very thing. A product review mag would quickly be bankrupted if they had to pay retail for every part they review or would have to cut back to reviewing maybe one or two products a month.

It's all about trusting corporate partners to be honest about the parts they send out for review; and at least in this case, PNY abused that trust by slipping in some goosed components, or at the very least not being forthcoming about how they achieve their price points and hoping and praying no one would notice (they did).

frankly, I think we need to outlaw that little practice of the "Up To Asterisk" that gives various companies cart blanche to pull a number out of their ass for advertising purposes.



If a huge publishing house like Future is going to go bankrupt by having to buy a few dozen CPUs and graphics boards each year, then I'm even less inclined to trust their reviews. Besides this case, there are TONS of documented cases where review parts perform better than retail due to binning and nonstandard drivers. Buying gear off the shelf would alleviate this issue and I would be more than willing to accept delays in publication for a more trustworthy review.