PNY Partners with Asetek to Ship Liquid Cooled Videocards

Paul Lilly

PNY builds videocards. Asetek develops all-in-one liquid cooling solutions. Together, the two hope to "deliver liquid-cooled, high-end graphics cards that far outperform equivalent air cooled models," not just in cooling performance, but also in noise control. PNY graphics cards powered by Asetek's sealed water cooler already attached will make up the videocard maker's extreme performance line, and give consumers a maintenance free liquid cooled solution that's just as easy to instal as an air cooled graphics card.

"Utilizing Asetek’s proven all-in-one liquid cooling technology enables PNY to deliver best-in-class graphics performance out of the box," said Nicholas Mauro , senior marketing manager, PC components for PNY. "Asetek technology has revolutionized how people think about CPU cooling. Our customers will appreciate how leveraging this technology makes extreme performance liquid cooled graphic cards surprisingly affordable and how leveraging Asetek reliability enables us to offer these graphics cards with a 5-year Warranty."

Like Asetek's all-in-one CPU coolers, these videocards won't required a dedicated water cooling setup. Other than that, the two companies aren't yet ready to share all the details, such as specific cooling performance, which cards will receive the all-in-one makeover, price, or availability.

Image Credit: Asetek

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