PNY Discusses Partnernship with Asetek, Announces First Water Cooled Graphics Cards

Paul Lilly

PNY on Monday announced it was working with Asetek to "deliver liquid-cooled, high-end graphics cards that far outperform equivalent air cooled models," but stopped well short of providing any real details, like which cards would get the Asetek treatment and for how much. It looks like PNY was just waiting for the right moment, that moment being the E3 Expo that's now taking place, and has answered all the questions we had.

To kick things off, PNY's new Liquid Cooled Graphics series will consist of a single card, the XLR8 Liquid Cooled GTX 580. There are two variants to choose from, a standalone version, and one with a CPU waterblock thrown into the mix. Either way, PNY promises up to 30 percent cooler temperatures compared to a reference cooler, quieter acoustics, and faster performance thanks to increased overclocking headroom.

There's nothing overly complicated about the cooling solution. A pair of pipes transfer liquid to and from the graphics card and the radiator fan, which you would install in place of (or next to) your case's rear exhaust fan. It's a standard size 120mm radiator that's completely maintenance free.

The standalone GTX 580 is priced at $580, and for $650 PNY will toss in a CPU adapter. Both are up for pre-order now, and for a limited time, PNY is offering a bundle that consists a 16-foot HDMI Mini-to-HDMI cable, custom 8GB "Liquid Cooled" USB thumb drive, and a "Liquid Cooled" t-shirt.

GTX 580
GTX 580 w/ CPU Adapter

Image Credit: PNY

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