PNY Announces New 1866MHz and 2133MHz XLR8 Memory Kits

Brad Chacos

Interested in overclocked memory, but don't feel like doing all the down n' dirty CAS timing tweaks on your own?  PNY's got your back. The company just announced that it's adding new 2133 MHz and 1866 MHz memory kits to its XLR8 lineup of high-performance RAM sticks for folks who want even more oomph out of their memory.

The 2133 MHz DDR3 CAS 10 kit is available in an 8GB dual-channel kit and a 16GB quad-channel kit, with timings of 9-12-11-27. Meanwhile, the 1866 MHz DDR3 CAS 9 kits come in similar dual- and quad-channel configurations, but with timings of 9-12-9-27. Both types come with PNY's lifetime warranty, and if it makes a difference, the 2133 MHz kits rock red aluminum spreaders, while the 1866 MHz kits are decked out in black.

That's not quite the 2666 MHz clock speeds G.Skill showed off at CeBit , but 2133 MHz is nothing to sneeze at, and it's the new king of PNY's XLR8 series. Plus, unlike that super-fast G.Skill RipjawZ demo kit, PNY's high performance memory sets are available now . Here's the pricing info:

16GB (4 x 4GB) DDR3

  • 2133MHz • $179.99
  • 1866MHz • $124.99
  • 1600MHz • $89.99

8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3

  • 2133MHz • $89.99
  • 1866MHz • $59.99

Any takers?

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