Plextor Pairs M6 Pro Solid State Drive Line with PlexTurbo Side Caching Software

Paul Lilly

PlexTurbo software gives M6 Pro SSD series a serious performance boost

Every so often, we hear from Plextor, the former go-to company for high performance optical drives back when that was a thing. Now the company focuses primarily on solid state drives, and Plextor's newest release is the M6 Pro SATA SSD , the first consumer SSD from Plextor to pass its new ultra-strict enterprise-grade Zero Error standard of 400 units surviving 1,008 hours (up from 500 hours). That's not the only reason to like this drive.

The M6 Pro SSD comes with PlexTurbo, an intelligent SSD caching software that uses a combination of system RAM, the SSD DRAM cache, and SSD storage to deliver additional speed for real-world applications. It also helps extend flash life and prevents data loss if power is interrupted, Plextor says .

PlexTurbo is similar to Samsung's RAPID software, only faster. During a demo at Computex, Plextor showed Custom PC Review the M6 Pro hitting almost 7GB/s in 512K write performance, along with sequential read and write performance of 5127MB/s and 5905MB/s, respectively.

Just like its predecessor, th M5 Pro, the newer model uses a Marvell 9187 controller with Toshiba 19nm 2nd generation Toggle mode MLC NAND flash memory. The drive is rated for up to 540MB/s read and up to 460MB/s write performance.

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