Plextor Introduces M5S Series Solid State Drives Starting at $100

Paul Lilly

Plextor, which largely built a name for itself with high end optical drives back before you could buy a DVD burner for less than the cost of a movie ticket and tub of popcorn, is largely focused on solid state drives (SSDs) these days, and the company's newest contender in what's now a crowded field is the M5S Series. The M5S line represents Plextor's fastest SSDs to date, boasting up to 73,000 read IOPS and 70,000 write IOPS courtesy of "exclusive firmware."

Read and write transfers are pegged at up to 520MB/s and 390MB/s, respectively, though numbers only tell part of the story. According to Plextor , the special firmware it cooked up is a recipe for sustained long-term high-speed computing performance sprinkled with side entrees like Instant Restore, Global Wear Leveling, and Bad Block Management.

There are three capacities to choose from, including:

  • 64GB (PX-64M5S): $100
  • 128GB (PX-128M5S): $160
  • 256GB (PX-256M5S): $300

We've seen some high-performance SSDs approach (and dip under) $1 per gigabyte in recent weeks, so Plextor's drives are a little pricier than what you might find by shopping around. Street pricing could end up lower than MSRP, however, as they have with Plextor's M3 Series.

Image Credit: Plextor

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