Please Hammer, Don't Hurt Google!

Brad Chacos

Minister, sales charts-topping rapper, stylish innovator, funky headhunter: all those words can be used to describe the oddball career of MC Hammer. But there are a few more that you may not know about, like, say, “tech start-up investor.” Hammer unveiled his newest scheme at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco yesterday; the interestingly named WireDoo is a Hammer-powered search engine, and it’s all about relationships.

Settle down, tiger; not those kinds of relationships. The New York Times reports that Hammer’s search engine is all about product relationships. In the example cited, if you search for “car,” WireDoo shows you tangential information for car insurance, car prices and car safety ratings. Hammer says WireDoo isn’t a comprehensive search engine like Bing or Google; instead, it’s a “deeper type of search” for people looking for information related to the topic they search for. Could be kinda useful, we guess.

U can’t touch this anytime soon, so our intrigue/cynicism will have to remain in check for a while longer. (That's right, we went there!) WireDoo is still in development and a launch date hasn’t been set for the service.

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