PlayStation Vita Sales Slump One Week Post Launch

Paul Lilly

Sony found itself scrambling to explain away early complaints lodged against its PlayStation Vita handheld console and quickly denied there exists a widespread issue of any kind. Not quickly enough. Following a flurry of sales during its first two days of sales in Japan, interest in the PlayStation Vita appears to have dropped sharply.

The console maker racked up 324,859 Vita sales in the first 48 hours after launch on December 17, 2011, but sales through the week ended December 25, 2011 fell to just 72,479, according to data released by Media Create , a Japanese company that analyzes the digital entertainment industry, and in particular the Japanese console gaming market.

For the sake of comparison, Nintendo's 3DS console notched 482,200 unit sales during the same period, up 31 percent from a week prior. Part of the discrepancy is undoubtedly due to the price difference between the two consoles, but even still, Sony can't be happy with the sharp decline in PS Vita sales so quickly after launch.

Image Credit: Sony

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