PlayStation Turns 15, Sony Gets All Nostalgic


As of Thursday this week, it's been 15 years since the original PlayStation console showed up on store shelves in North America, setting gamers back $299. That bought you a chunky console (though somewhat slim at the time) with a 32-bit RISC chip clocked at 33.9MHz, 2MB of RAM (1MB of video RAM), 16-bit sound, and a 3D engine capable of driving a 640x480 resolution, plus bragging rights over your friends who spent their allowance on the Sega Saturn.

By comparison, today's PlayStation 3 console comes with a Cell processor running at 3.2GHz, a GPU clocked at 550MHz, Full HD support, 256MB of main memory, another 256MB of video memory, up to 250GB of hard drive storage, Blu-ray support, and stereoscopic 3D support.

What will Sony's hardware look like in another 15 years? Who really knows, but in the meantime, Sony has put together a barebones PlayStation retrospective of the past decade and a half. You won't find a whole lot of details on the items mentioned, but hey, we're always down a for a quick stroll through memory lane.

Check it out here .

Which consoles have you owned through the years, and what's been your favorite?

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