PlayStation Phone to Be Unveiled in February, On Sale in April

Ryan Whitwam

Pocket-Lint claims to have the scoop on just when we can expect to see the mysterious PlayStation phone. According to the site , the gaming phone will be launched at MWC in February, and will be available to consumers a few months later in April. Sony Ericsson is scheduled for a Sunday evening press conference at MWC where the phone will be revealed.

The PlayStation phone's specs are not confirmed, but sources have called out a 1GHz Qualcomm processor, 512MB of RAM, 1GB internal storage, and a screen in the 4-inch neighborhood. The big selling point of the PlayStation phone will obviously be the gaming aspect, with a large slide out game pad. The controls in the leaked photos appear to consist of the standard PlayStation buttons, a d-pad, and a long trackpad with dual virtual analog stick capability.

If this time line is accurate, will you be waiting for this handset to drop?

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