PlayStation Phone Caught on Camera, Looks Legit

Paul Lilly

Thank your lucky stars you're living in the age of the Internet, and we're not saying that because of those naughty *tube sites. We're talking about hardware porn here, and in this case, the rumored PlayStation Phone.

Codenamed "Zeus Z1," this potentially awesome device was caught on camera in a handful of videos (one of which we've embedded below) and posted over on Engadget . If these are fake, they're really good ones and we'll admit to being fooled.

The Zeus Z1, as it appears in the videos, looks pretty much exactly the way you would expect. Rather than sporting a fold-out QWERTY keyboard, a classic PlayStation gamepad jets out instead. You can spot a PlayStation icon on the device, and there's a second video that offers up a 14-second peek at the PlayStation app.

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