PlayStation 3 Turns White, Heads to Japan

Paul Lilly

There has been quite a bit of speculation about a batch of new PS3 models -- CECH-2501 series -- that popped up in the FCC's database, and it appears we now have our answer. According to a press release put out by Sony Japan, the two new models consist of the 160GB "Classic White" and 320GB "Charcoal Black" consoles.

Both are molded from Sony's PS3 Slim form factor, and both are planned for release in Japan on Thursday, July 29. The Classic White unit will sell for 29,980 yen (about $342 USD), while the 320GB Charcoal Black will sell for 34,980 yen (about $400 USD).

In addition to the Classic White console, Sony said it plans to release a matching Dualshock 3 Wireless Controller and  stand.

No word on when Sony plans to release any of these in the U.S. market.

Image Credit: Sony

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