Playstation 3 Firmware Update 3.41 Accidentally Bricks Consoles During Hard Drive Upgrades

Justin Kerr

Sony has a history of en-forcing policy changes with harsh firmware updates , but the recently released 3.41 patch for the Playstation 3 appears to be having the unintended side effect of preventing users from upgrading their hard drives. We have applauded Sony in the past for allowing users to easily upgrade their storage by swapping out the stock 2.5” SATA disk, but hundreds of angry forum posters claim the “no applicable data” error has essentially bricked consoles that ran the update on a new drive.

Computer and Video Games claims the issue might have something to do with a new feature that allow for incremental patches, and would also explain why the problem only arises on PS3’s where the firmware is stored on the hard drive rather than the system memory. Sony has not offered any explanation or fixes yet, so we recommend not updating the drive on your PS3 until we know more.

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