Goes Mobile on Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone 7

Paul Lilly today announced that its Mobile App is now available for download in three flavors, including Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone 7.

"With our mobile Apps music fans now have access to the probably biggest collection of DJ mixes regardless of where they are at the moment," says Georg Hitzenberger, founder of "Cloud Music, i.e., the consumption of music hosted on dedicated streaming servers, is the future of the music business. One can assume that smartphones will play a major role there."

The app runs $3.99 regardless of whether you purchase and download it through the Android Market, Apple iTunes, or Windows Marketplace. That buys you 90 days of unrestricted access to audio streams from's roughly 30,000 DJ sets. After 90 days, you get five hours per month at no cost, or you can pony up for the Premium subscription for unlimited access (price yet to be determined).

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