Playboy Outs 250GB Hard Drive Filled with 56 Years of Vintage Magazines

Paul Lilly

Decide for yourself whether or not to put this one on your holiday wish list, but for those who are interested, and can get away with such a thing with their significant other, Playboy is now selling a 250GB portable hard drive packed with digitally converted Playboy magazines.

When we say packed, we mean nearly every issue to date, starting with the "first treasured issue featuring Marilyn Monroe in December 1953, all the way to the December 2009 issue, featuring Chelsea Handler." That's 56 years of erotica on the go, which works out to over 650 issues and more than 100,000 digital pages.

The drive comes engraved with the Playboy logo, so there's really no hiding what's inside. It includes a mini USB to USB cable and supports Hi-Speed USB 2.0 transfers. The drive itself spins at 5400RPM, and the whole thing is USB powered, so there's no need to dangle an AC adapter.

The drive is available now (NSFW) for $300.

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