Plastic Logic's Kindle Killer Wears Newspaper-like Look


The print media is under constant pressure from its more dynamic electronic counterpart. As if the idiot box and online news outlets weren't enough, it has now got blogs and podcasts to contend with. It will have to evolve quickly, so as to keep its rivals at bay. Some companies see an opportunity in that imminent need for reinvention.

Plastic Logic happens to be on of those compamies. It has developed an electronic newspaper reader that uses a plastic display . The company will be showcasing the device at an emerging devices show in San Diego. It hasn't still named its electronic newspaper reader, which has a screen size twice that of Amazon's Kindle. Pocket Logic’s reader didn’t have to pay a hefty price for the increased screen size: it weighs only two ounces more than Amazon’s reader and is thrice as slim.

It replicates the look of a newspaper, but is also meant to display business documents. The company will make key announcements regarding its reader, including its price and details of content providers, during the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Image Credit: Cnet

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