Plasma HDTVs Still Relevant, Hit Record High

Paul Lilly

LED-backlit televisions are all the rage, but plasma displays aren't dead, folks. Far from it, in fact. According to DisplaySearch , who always has a finger on the display industry's pulse, plasma TV panels finished off a "great year" by hitting a record high in the fourth quarter of 2010. What the bezel?

According to DisplaySearch, the aggressive rollout of LED HDTVs "caused a significant slowdown in the decline of LCD TV average prices," and because of this, low-priced plasma displays thrived. This was underscored somewhat in the 3D segment.

"While 3D has not played a big role in the growth of plasma shipments, it has helped support plasma TV in the competition with LCD TV," noted Ken Park, DisplaySearch Senior Analyst for Korea TV Market Research. "With 3D functionality, plasma can re-position itself as a lasting technology in the TV industry. In fact, plasma TV brands are entering 2011 with 3D across their product portfolios, from 42-inch HD to 152-inch."

What type of HDTV do you own?

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