Plantronics GameCom Commander Headset Uses Military Grade Noise Cancelling Technology

Paul Lilly

We lent an ear to Plantronics so the company could tell us all about its new limited edition GameCom Commander headset built for professional gamers. In short, Plantronics claims they took a noise cancelling headset developed for military applications and adapted the design for gaming. That sounds like overkill, until you factor in that professional and semi-pro gamers often find themselves surrounded by thousands of competitors, and when you're in a confined space with 3,000 people, things tend to get a little boisterous.

The GameCon Commander "distills the roar of the crowd into a silent current of energy" so you can focus on the on-screen action without being distracted by all the chatter. In doing so, Plantronics claims its headset can reduce background noise by up to 85 percent, or approximately 20 decibels, and reduce transmit background noise by up to 80 percent, or 18 decibels.

In addition to advanced noise cancelling technology, the GameCon Commander boasts a flexible wire boom type microphone (noise cancelling, natch), a ruggedized ear cup design, full spectrum stereo, Dolby 7.1 USB dongle, a pair of 3.5mm plugs for analog soundcard connections, quick connect controls to PC, breakaway cords for mobile/tablet applications, and a case for tournament travel and storage.

Plantronics says it will limit production to 10,000 GameCon Commander headsets, which you can pre-order today for $299. Orders will ship in September.

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