Planning to Purchase an iPad 2? Maybe You Shouldn't

Paul Lilly

On March 2, Apple is holding a press event in which many believe the Cupertino outfit will officially introduce its second generation iPad tablet. Knowing this, if you already own an iPad and don't have any interest in switching platforms, you might be tempted to toss your tablet up on Craigslist or eBay before the value takes a nosedive. But will it be worth upgrading to the iPad 2?

ZDNet's David Gewirtz came up with 11 reasons not to buy an iPad 2, and we couldn't help but chuckle at reason numero uno: The iPad 3 is coming. Gewirtz sees the iPad 2 as nothing more than a "mid-season design refresh, shrinking the size a bit, adding a camera where a camera was always expected, and keeping the display the same." It's believed that the iPad 2 will come ARMed with a faster processor and more memory, but his point is well taken. We'd be surprised if Apple adds a USB port, microSD card slot, or other missing features that could have been included in the original iPad.

But the biggest reason to hold off is because of what the competition is cooking up (reason No. 5 in Gewirtz's list). Even if you're perfectly content on the iOS platform, you should at least remain open to what else is coming. Come Monday, we'll be posting our full review of Motorola's Xoom tablet (in the meantime, we've posted a visual tour here ), and there are other potentially awesome tablets in the pipeline.

You can read Gewirtz's full list here , and then be sure to post your thoughts in the comments section below. Specifically, we'd like to know which tablet you're most excited about -- the iPad 2? Xoom? TouchPad? PlayBook? Something else?

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