Nathan Edwards Aug 21, 2008

Planar PL2210MW

At A Glance


No serious lapses during gaming tests.


Can't produce solid blacks and whites; wholly unremarkable.

Planar’s PL2210MW display is a classic representation of your average 22-inch display—a 6-bit TN panel that bears the mediocre image quality of that class. In DisplayMate, the 1680x1050 display’s grayscale range was acceptable, although it fell apart at the light end in both the grayscale test and when the screen was tasked with producing very light colors against a white background.

The bare-bones PL2210MW isn’t much to look at when it’s off. It isn’t much to look at when it’s on, either.

More frustrating, the PL2210MW was unable to produce a solid black or white that wasn’t tinged with gray. The display’s grayscale gradients also feature an unwelcome yellow tint that showed up in the grays of our real-world tests.

We didn’t experience any issues with the PL2210MW in our gaming tests, save for the contrast and saturation lapses previously mentioned. These problems hurt the display as a movie-watching platform, as a number of scenes just couldn’t achieve the true black they demanded. Color reproduction on our high-definition photos was of average quality. While we weren’t unhappy with the results, we’ve tested a number of other monitors that produce more color and vibrancy in our test images.

We were troubled by the display’s anemic speakers and lack of onscreen display options for audio configuration. We’d rather do without the subpar attempt and pay less for the product. With support for only DVI and VGA inputs, the PL2210MW stands solidly in the middle of the pack.


Planar PL2210MW
Viewable Area
Native Resolution 1680x1080
Panel Type

Planar PL2210MW

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