Pirates Pillage CoD: Black Ops More than Any Other Game

Paul Lilly

Activision's uber popular C all of Duty: Black Op s game has the dubious distinction of being the most pirated PC game in all of 2010, TorrentFreak reports .

You can add that tidbit to the list or records already nothced in the title's belt, including most sales in a 24 hour period (5.6 million). According to TorrentFreak, Black Ops has been illegally downloaded over 4.2 million times so far, surpassing the number of digitally stolen copies of Modern Warfare in 2009.

On the Xbox 360, Dante's Inferno 'won' the award for most pirated copies with 1.28 million downloads ( Black Ops came in fifth), while Super Mario Galaxy 2 edged ahead of Wii Party on the Nintendo Wii.

Image Credit: ukblackops.co.uk

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