David Murphy Jun 24, 2008

Pinnacle PCTV To Go

At A Glance


Integrated tuner with built-in splitter.


Mobile client software not yet available.

If you’re thinking Pinnacle’s TV streamer looks an awful lot like Monsoon’s, it’s because they’re almost exactly the same—right down to the software and user manuals. The only difference is in the outer shell. Monsoon actually makes the PCTV To Go; Pinnacle just puts its name on it and provides tech support.

There’s no point in repeating everything we said about the Hava Wireless HD, so we’ll mention a couple of features we didn’t cover in that review. Everything we said about that device applies to
this one and vice versa. Both devices have a built-in analog TV tuner with a built-in splitter, so you can connect them to analog cable or an antenna and remotely tune in programming without interfering with what someone at home might want to watch.

We also like that the Hava and Pinnacle boxes automatically switch
their video output to a 16:9 aspect ratio when they receive HD content. Unlike Sony’s LocationFree TV, however, neither box can currently act as a wireless access point on its own. This is a feature Hava promises to enable down the road, but you know what they say about good intentions.

  PCTV To Go
Supports HD Video Sources Yes
Integrated TV Tuner Analog, with built-in splitter
IR Blaster 1
Analog A/V Pass-Throughs Stereo audio; composite, component, and S-Video
Streaming Format MPEG-2 locally; MPEG-4 to the Internet
PVR Capabilities Yes
Burns Recordings to DVD Yes
Webcam Included No
Supports Mobile Clients In development (Windows Mobile)

Pinnacle PCTV To Go

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