Pingdom: Facebook Receives 260 Billion Page Views Per Month

Pulkit Chandna

There is some good news for those of you still awaiting a true measure of Facebook's transcendence. The world's most popular social networking site generates 11 times more page views than first runner-up MySpace, according to Pingdom. Its monthly page view count is a truly vertiginous figure: 260 billion. Microblogging sensation Twitter is rated the fourth most popular social networking site on the planet in terms of page views.

Twitter's 4.4 billion monthly page views may make it look very small in comparison to the top three sites on the list – Facebook, MySpace (24 billion) and Hi5 (12 billion), but as correctly pointed out by Cnet's Caroline McCarthy, it is not the perfect yardstick for measuring Twitter's true reach. Social news aggregator occupies the tenth spot with 340 million monthly page views, twice as many as its rival Reddit.

Image Credit: Pingdom

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