Pictures of AMD's "Barts" XT Videocard Leaked to the Web


The tech dudes over on Chinese-language ChipHell forums posted what they claim are shots of AMD's prototype Barts XT videocard. Barring any last minute marketing changes, the Barts XT part will end up with the Radeon HD 6770 nomenclature when it ships.

Assuming these are real, remember that they're also prototypes, which means that the final product could look a bit different. We also don't have any official word on the specs, though from the leaked pictures you can make out two 6-pin PCI-Express power connectors, a single CrossFire connector, two DVI ports, a single HDMI port, and a two mini-DisplayPort connectors.

Those with particularly discerning eyeballs claim the Barts XT part is built on 4+1 phase digital PWM circuitry. There's also been rumors that the HD 6770 will feature a 256-bit memory bus and offer anywhere from 80-100 percent more memory bandwidth than previous generation parts.

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