Photo (Video) Awesome #23: Samsung's Six Panel Display Up and Running!

Alan Fackler

In this weeks photo awesome we return to the Smasung MD230x6--which I've nicknamed "the Beast"--a six monitor display (23" each, 1920 x 1080). After spending most of an afternoon assembling all six panels, we realized one of the six panels was non-responsive. Once we'd gotten a new one, and swapped it out for the DOA panel, the challenge was to get everything wired correctly and running. Oh, and what a challenge it was--after downloading drivers, fussing with screen resolutions and changing settings for most of a day, we got all six panels up and running. We've even run some of our initial DisplayMate tests on it, which so far have produced pretty solid results. Check out the video to get a quick glimpse--and stay posted for next week, when we really put the MD230x6 through it's paces by testing games.

Lots and lots of games.

Have a great weekend everyone, we'll see you next week!

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