Photo Awesome #7: A Look Behind the Lens

Alan Fackler

Hey, check these out!  Look familiar?

Beautiful aren't they?

It's easy to take images like these for granted, because we here at Maximum PC want nothing less than the best looking product images for all of you to enjoy, and strive daily to deliver.  But really, these intricate shots are the result of a lot of planning, light placements and an uber beast, 24 megapixel D3X.

So we thought for this Friday's Photo Awesome, we'd take you into our Future US photo studio to watch the pros at work.  I present Associate Photographer Samantha Berg, and Contributing Photographer Patrick Kawahara, working tirelessly on one of our showcase shots for next months' issue.  Enjoy!

Our light tables are awesome.

Samantha Berg, in action.

Luggin' those heavy lights around ain't easy.

All images are transmitted to a nearby computer, to gauge light and framing.

Our photographers' camera of choice?  The uber-beast Nikon D3X, sporting 24 megapixels for razor sharp, cutting edge images.

Missing photographer: Mark Madeo, who happened to be out sick today.  We wish him a speedy recovery.

There ya have it folks, a look inside our awesome photo lab.  As always, please feed us some ideas for next week in the comments below--we do this for you!  Have a great weekend!

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