Photo Awesome #6: The Shirt War

Alan Fackler

We appreciate all the wonderful (and sometimes not) comments we've been receiving from our weekly "Photo Awesome" series, but in the interest of narrowing the gap between us and, well you, our loyal readers, we thought we'd have a little competition and let you decide the outcome.

So we picked our best and most awesome t-shirts, brought them to work, and want YOU to tell us which is best (because we bicker enough among each other as it is).

"My shirt should win so that sad hecka skeleton can be magically transformed into a happy hecka skeleton: full of win."

-Amber Bouman

"My shirt should win because it harnesses the incredible power of nostalgia.  If it also had a Tamogotchi and the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on it, I'd be a shoo-in."

-Alex Castle

"Edward James Olmos wins.  End of story."

-Nathan Edwards

"I know what you're thinking:  'Whoa, kick-ass breast pocket bro'.  I know, I know.  $1.99 at Walgreens."

-Alan Fackler

"My shirt should win because I just ate five Jack in the Box tacos and really couldn't care less about anything else right now except not being sick.  And, by the way, did you know they no longer make Monster Tacos?"

-Gordon Mah Ung

"If I don’t win this T-shirt contest it’s because of a vast, multi-national conspiracy to squelch the free flow of supercool, kick-ass T-shirts. But let’s pretend the conspiracy doesn’t exist, and my shirt has as good a chance as any. So why should it win? I’ll give you a three-part answer. First, my shirt is mad geeky-funny-ironic. Sure, Nathan’s T-shirt is ironic, but its irony responds to all that vampire hullabaloo, and that’s just annoying. Second, my shirt is about cars, and cars are cooler than any of the other subject matter you’ll see on my competitors’ shirts. Third, my shirt is black, and black goes with anything, and is sort of “formal” within the scope of T-shirt design. In other words, I can wear this shirt at a semi-fancy restaurant, and if I lay low and avoid making a scene, I stand a good chance of not getting kicked out. So there you have it, folks: The explanation of why my T-shirt wins. I will thank you in advance for your generous vote."

-Jon Phillips

You can buy the shirt Jon is wearing here .

And now, a special guest appearence from Kate Byrne, Future's VP of Tech and Living.

There you have it.  Who wins?  Let us know in the comments will ya?  And, while you're at it, have yourself a great weekend!

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