Photo Awesome #31: Cases! Cases Everywhere!

Alan Fackler

Hello and happy Friday! This week's Photo Awesome will be brief, and let me tell you why.

Nathan and I are putting together a case round up for the upcoming issue--we'll be reviewing mid to full towers from the likes of Cooler Master, Fractal, Corsair, and Antec just to name a few. It was a massive undertaking and we're proud to say that we're nearly finished, and equally as proud to say that we learned a lot from the experience.

Whew, that took awhile.

Halfway through building into all these monsters, Nathan and I decided it was time to revamp our thermal testing methods. So we slapped together two new test beds with some, ahem, more up to date hardware, and got to building. I won't go into the details of our new method, but it's significantly more detailed and thorough.

I've been in this position for pretty much an entire week. Yes, my back hurts. You're welcome!

Nathan lives by the code on the wall.

New Hardware! New Benchmarks!

And now, like always, we have more boxes than we know what to do with.

It's been an interesting week, and we hope you guys enjoy the round-up in the upcoming issue. That's all for now folks. Have yourselves terrific weekends, and we'll catch ya' next week!

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