Photo Awesome #25: Mr. David Gerrold!

Alan Fackler

Almost as if he dropped out of the sky (we're sure he'd like you to believe that he did), David Gerrold, famed screen writer (Trouble with Tribbles Star Trek Episode, the Martian Child more recently, which became a movie starring John Cusack) and monthly columnist for us here at Maximum PC decided to stop  by the office today to say hello. We hung out in the lab, discussed a *ahem* secret project (I'll give you a three word hint: Star. Trek. PC.), and geeked out on the six panel display we've been gaming on.

Of course we had him sign a toy phaser--he was a writer for the original Star Trek afterall.

Twice in fact.

Three generations of tech geeks in one, awesome picture.
It was a fun distraction, but alas, we must get back to work. We are in the fourth week of our production cycle, after all. Have a wonderful weekend all, we'll see you next week!

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