Photo Awesome #2: Welcome to the Lab!

Alan Fackler

Lab Rats

Due to the many comments left on our first Photo Awesome posting, we're back with some photos from a very secret place that even Bruce Wayne would find...moderately cool.  Welcome, readers, to the Maximum PC Lab!

I'm not sure, but Nathan looks about ready to stab me (or someone) in the neck with a screwdriver, and Amber looks like she'd like to see that happen.  Katherine doesn't really seem to care.

And, here is our messy lab, sans its inhabitants. To the left of this image there are actually more benches and computers, but, as you can see, we're packed a little tight right now.

We need to do some serious cleaning.  Got a particular image you'd like to see? Pictures of some awesome tech?  More lab stuff?  Our photo studio?  More awkward images of Nathan? Hit the comments and let us know!

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