Photo Awesome #19: Lab Cleaning!

Alan Fackler

As you may have heard earlier, we've got some spare cases to give away, and there's a reason for that.

We finally got to the point with the mess in the lab that we didn't have a choice--the lab needed to be cleaned, and it was going to be a big project. So the Maximum PC staff has been spending the past few days carting boatloads of hardware out of the lab, and sweeping vigurously. Check out what we were working with prior to the clean-up...

Imagine this...everywhere.

A section of Nathan's bench, before the clean out.

So, we got to work. And not only did we get clean...

...We got organized!

Gordon, Alex and Nathan discussing what exactly we should do with our beastly Dream Machine...

Stacking cases like tetris pieces.

Aaaaand boom! Now that's a clean lab. With a newly added chalkboard! Now I know what you must be wondering. "Where could you have possibly piled up all that junk you pulled from the in there?" Well...


Have yourselves an awesome weekend everyone, we'll see you next week!

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