Photo Awesome #15: Our Hidden Stash of Photos From CES 2011!

Alan Fackler

CES was hectic for all of us. Even if we had a staff of 50, we'd be hard pressed to get every single photo and video on the site immediately. That said, now that things have cooled down, and we've found our bearings, we decided to publish a few more photos for todays Photo Awesome. All of these and more can be seen on our Flickr page, by the way, so please stop by and check out hundreds of photos of new and exciting pieces of tech.

And, as always, happy Friday everyone! See you on the other side.

Yale showed off an extremely cool Z-Wave entry lock with a touch-sensitive glass keypad. A proximity sensor causes the keypad to illuminate when you place your hand in front of it. The glass is impervious to everything from fire to a concrete saw. And you don't need to worry about dust mucking up the keypad, either.

Senior Editor Gordon Ung getting ready to announce the FTW awards .

Multitouch displays at the Nvidia booth.

So this is what a 75" 3D LED panel looks like. Drool.

No, the picture's not out of focus. That's just a wall of 3D games at Nvidia's booth.

Foolin' around with 3M's Multitouch panel.

Not all Androids are humongous, battery guzzling beasts. The Flipout is a nice deviation from the norm with a unique 3"x 3" form factor.

What are you in the mood for next week? Sound off in the comments and let us know. And please, have yourself a fantastic weekend.

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