Photo Awesome #1: Gordon's Got Plaque

Alan Fackler

Sometimes, a Little Plaque is a Good Thing:

We tend to get our share of interesting letters and occasional artwork, but recently, Joe Noll from Honolulu sent us a something really cool: A Maximum PC: No BS Podcast plaque that was apparently "hand made in [his] factory in Manila".  We hung it above our clock in the Maximum PC office, and even took some photos of Gordon proudly holding the plaque for use in our October issue as a heartfelt thank you to Mr. Noll (sorry if we've ruined the surprise here, Joe).  We took a few photos, but settled on the first one for print, mostly because of the quasi-surprised/shocked look on Gordons face.  Enjoy!

Got a particular image you'd like to see? Pictures of some awesome tech?  Our Lab?  More awkward images of Gordon? Hit the comments and let us know!

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