Phony Parking Tickets Used in Latest Malware Scheme

Paul Lilly

When it comes to PC security, you already know the drill: Don't download unknown attachments, avoid clicking on suspicious links, log directly into your online accounts rather than follow a hyperlink, and so forth. These methods work well when dealing with virtual threats, but what happens when miscreants start meshing their malware tricks into the real world?

That's exactly what's going on in North Dakota, where some hybrid car owners have fell victim to fake parking citations left on the windshield. The citations read "PARKING VIOLATION. This vehicle is in violation of standard parking regulations. To view pictures with information about your parking preferences, go to ______," where the blank is filled in with a malicious website. Those who go the website are instructed to download a toolbar to view photos of the ticketed car, but it instead installs a Trojan along with a bogus security alert instructing victims to install a fake antivirus scanner.

Driver beware, and park between the lines.

Image Credit: McAfee

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