Phoning It In


I’ve been testing a load of phones for an upcoming review of handsets. I’ve checked out everything from pocket-size flip phones to behemoths that should come equipped with a Sherpa. At this point, people are getting tired of hearing from me, as I inevitably have to call up friends a couple times a day and hit them with the old, “Can you hear me now? How about now? OK, did you get my text message?”

A few early thoughts:

  • I’m going to use my phone primarily to… call people, so a phone with good sound quality will always trump a feature-rich phone that is difficult to hold a conversation on.
  • Speaking of features, a lot of them I just don’t see the need for. Least necessary one I’ve seen so far: TV remote.
  • I’m going to use about four functions ninety percent of the time: voice calling, messaging, e-mail, and web browsing. Those functions should be easy to get to. Some manufacturers have made them simple to access; others, not so much.

Cingular's 8525: An early favorite in our smartphone roundup.

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