Phone Survey: Half of U.S. Adults Haven't Heard of Windows 8

Paul Lilly

A new survey conducted by The Associated Press and GfK reveals that the majority of American adults are completely oblivious to Windows 8. That's bad news for Microsoft, which is banking on Windows 8 and its touch friendly features to transform the landscape by unifying both desktop and mobile platforms under a singular UI, one that represents a re-imagining of Windows and a new era in computing.

Microsoft can't do all that until it educates people on Windows 8, not just on features, but its existence. AP and GfK took to the phone lines and spoke with 1,200 adults living in the U.S. Over half -- 52 percent -- indicated they haven't even heard of Windows 8, Yahoo reports .

As for the ones who said they're at least somewhat familiar with the new OS, 61 percent said they weren't interested in buying a system with Windows installed, and just over a third -- 35 percent -- said they believed Windows 8 would be an improvement over Windows 7.

"I am not real thrilled they are changing things around," said Chris Dionne, a 43-year-old engineer living in Connecticut. "Windows 7 does everything I want it to. Where is the return on my investment to learn a new OS?"

That attitude may change, both as Windows 8 becomes more commonplace and as the result of an aggressive marketing campaign . Microsoft plans to spend more than a billion dollars marketing Windows 8, which has already begun with a spattering of Surface commercials.

Speaking of Surface, be sure to watch our Windows 8 Launch Video , in which we took a video camera to Microsoft's San Jose Windows Store and filmed consumers' reactions to Surface RT, as well as an unboxing of Microsoft's tablet.

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