Philips Launches Trendy Keyboard-Remote Hybrid

Paul Lilly

Philips Home Control's new DUAL QWERTY remote seems like the kind of thing you'd use to show off your hard-earned success when you have visitors, or maybe you just want something sexy to replace that boring remote, mouse, and keyboard you've been using to control your home theater.

"This new keyboard remote shows that we are on top of the upcoming trend," says Rick Siu , Director Product Management, Philips Home Control. "It was challenging to develop this remote to cater for all these features, while at the same time we wanted the design to be slim, easy to operate, and modern looking. From the enormous interest we have gathered during the pre-launch period, I can honestly say we succeeded with glory."

Sure, Siu is tooting his own company's horn, but from the pics we've seen, the DUAL certainly looks hot. How well it feels and functions is another story, but Philips feels its dual-sided device is the "perfect solution" for couch warriors. The top side features a remote control while the bottom sports a keyboard; alternate input methods include things like pointing, touchpad, and an optical sensor.

No word yet on price or availability.

Image Credit: Philips

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