Philips' "Cushion Speaker" is a Cushion and a Speaker for your Laptop


We haven't seen a product more aptly named since the PushUp, the tasty treat (not the exercise) from our childhood years. Now that we're all grown up, we prefer to spend our ducats on computer parts than ice cream, and that's where Philips' CushionSpeaker laptop stand comes in.

The name leaves little room for further description, but suffice to say, the CushionSpeaker is exactly what it sounds like . It's a cushion for resting your laptop on your lap and a speaker for blaring out your groovy music, all in one.

What's not so evident from the product's title is that the CushionSpeaker is made from heat resistant material, and the speaker is powered by your laptop via USB. We suppose that's because CushionSpeaker sounds a lot better than HeatResistantUSBPoweredCushionLaptopSpeaker.

No word yet on price or availability.

Image Credit: Philips via Engadget

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